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For the decorative mailboxes : I take a great deal of pride in my work. I use only high-quality materials, and our designs are all original. Each wooden piece is hand cut from 3/4” thick, first grade poplar. Every piece is individually hand-painted, using acrylic paints, and after drying, don't need clear coat, to provide protection from the elements.
No stencils or decals are used in any of our products about of my decorative mailboxes. Since each figure is hand painted and unique, there will be minor variations between pieces, and we can easily accomodate your requests for a personal touch on your product.

I specialize me in country mailboxes that will bring a personal touch to your home or make a great home decor gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Mailboxes: For my mailboxes, the pieces are attached to “Made in USA” mailboxes, which meet USPS regulations, with both glue and screws. We use T-1 size boxes, which measure 8-3/4” high, 6-3/4” wide, and 19” deep.

Note : Personalized your mailbox :
* Personalize your decorative mailbox with name or address number.
* By e-mail, send me some photos of your dog and I can do as much as possible a replica of your pet!

* n.b.The support or post below the mailbox is not include.


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