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Terrier Cairn Mailbox

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Terrier Cairn mailbox All include

 shipping charge

standard size : without the pieces added
Measure 8-3/4” high, 6-3/4” wide, and 19” deep. mailbxes size
The pieces are attached to “Made in USA” mailboxes, which meet USPS regulations, with both glue and screws. We use T-1 size boxes.
Also, you can personalize your decorative mailbox with name or address number.
boîte aux lettres personnalisée
Note : To AVOID damage and REDUCE additional shipping costs.
For this model, the tail is no assembled, but a multi bit screwdriver is provided.
Very easy to assembled.

* n.b. The support or post below the mailbox is not include.

dog Mailboxes PRODUCT PRICE
Cairn Terrier mailbox $ 183.00
Tax     00.00
Insurance Include
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